Reasoning professional X – I/O Plug-in – Using Hardware that is external for Processing and Mixing


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35 thoughts on “ Logic Pro X – I/O Plug-in – utilizing exterior equipment for sound Processing and Mixing ”

MANY THANKS. It was worrying me completely.

In combine control, just what would you decide for outputs 3/4? Daw 1 & daw 2? I’m getting feedback that is crazy I hit “ping” and should not determine what I’m doing wrong!😩

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Why do audio tutorial videos always have the demo songs that are worst lol

Many thanks for the explanations. Tracking via a coach in the place of an input that is simple the trick to eliminate latency problems!

Hi, i actually do watch virtually every movie guide you have made and discovered that explanations are particularly obvious but often some questions/comments continue to be and it also generally seems to myself which you never answer those concerns.. is indeed there any rationale behind this ? Some devoted answer would be of great benefit for all your beginners our company is..Again, congratulations, which is constantly interesting…

So can be u only muting most of the initial paths with no analog compression?

just How when you look at the global globe do we put up Logic Pro x IO plugin and focusrite’s blend control to focus collectively! Absolutely absolutely absolutely Nothing visits my outside eq and compressors

Hey any advise on in the event the equipment only features xlr outs? In my own instance an Avalon 737? And it is feasible to complete all of this having a duet 2 channel software? Thx!

We invested 6 hours setting this up but have no idea how to set this up on the focusrite mix control today! Does any person have a understanding?

Many thanks plenty with this bro, I wasn’t utilizing the coach and ended up being getting latency, you probably made my awesome day !

Hello adopted the movie but get comments when switching within the track production to your level that is decent any concept how exactly to end this?

Whenever the ping is used by me, the samples do not differ from zero

Very helpful and useful movie guy! Many thanks! I have simply got my atb16 that are toft attempted this giving some songs into the console eq and right right back. Worked great!

Awesome movie! Really extensive. Can’t wait to connect my gear up today. Many Thanks Quite Definitely.

What is incorrect in just delivering the signal out of a track production, and going back it up to a track that is new the range in?

That singer is terrible. Sorry.. ha possibly mellodyne that shit

Great early morning!! And a great movie by just how.. We have a question? So on my setup We have universal sound Apollo twin , but my primary preamp may be the universal audio la-610 and just lately got and additional outboard compressor much like the 1176, but having trouble determining just how to hook up to present setup to trace real time when I record vocals, many thanks ahead of time!!

Can you utilize compression and eq as bristlr app one send i.e. away from DAW into Eq, into comp, back in DAW.. or simpler to arranged 2 send that is separate returns? thanks a lot

Therefore through an SSL analog desk if you process your beats or vocals through SSL or API analog outboard EQ and compressors it will essentially give you the same quality as running it? is the fact that accurate? If you don’t, you will want to? Love a remedy away from you. Here is the video iv’e that is best ever before seen on crossbreed blending ..EVER.. And trust me, iv’e searched all over. Many thanks.

Exactly what a vocal that is bad!

Am I able to recycle the plugin several times with the exact same result I need a patch bay because I can’t get my adlips to process because I’m already using output 3 , does that mean?

you thank you,

I question whenever you can accomplish that by way of a easy focusrite 2i2 program

Hey truth be told there, i’ve a concern I happened to be wondering so I can check my mixes and masters on commercial speakers.My equipment is / Logic pro x , Scarlett 2i2 interface with 2 Event TR5 Monitors.My stereo receiver has RCA jacks for additional outs and normal speaker wire hook ups if you could help me with.I want to connect my recording set up to my home stereo system. The function TR5’s have RCA jacks for sale in the trunk. They likewise have balanced outputs that we’m making use of for when it comes to Scarlett 2i2 software. Any assistance will be great.Thanks, Jim.

Helo – First of most many thanks when it comes to movie. Can there be virtually any setup that should be carried out in reasoning pro X? Used to do it that real means and I also could not. Into the Tascam software every thing moved appropriate, Saffire 56 didn’t work.

Assist! Assist! Assist!, please help me to with creating Focusrite blend Control precisely. Let me know simple tips to set the outs up and ins such that it works together with reasoning and my outboard gear

Many Many Many Thanks a great deal because of this amazing, amazing variety of Logic Pro X tutorials. The bundle is huge as well as your info is therefore helpful! It’s conserved us hours of difficult slog. Cheers Mate from Glenn & Dave.

The ping thing’s great. Would it be carried out in Protools?

Once I add the bus, absolutely absolutely absolutely nothing takes place – we believe you ought to deliver to your coach very first, place the i/o from the aux channel, and eliminate the production through the obtaining station to solo the direct input. It’s miles more complex than it demands become.

Where performed the dry paths get when you printed the damp people? Do I need to keep consitently the dry songs or only delete all of all of them?

Thank you for the videio!! But a question is had by me. You did on the video if I were to send all other track’s signals just like the vocal. Would most of the indicators have the compressor and back to the DAW? It might work as an AUX essentially then?

Great video clip, then have to re-connect/patch the cables for further use of the compressor in the mix if my compressor/mic/ interface is wired up to record with compression at the start, would I?

Mr. MusicTechHelpguy, is it possible to kindly clarify simple tips to repeat this by having a reverb product. I wish to make use of my Lexicon hardware products being a submit and return. We seemed around youtube no body generally seems to understand. We bet you do рџ™‚

***When we struck the ping nothing happens. No pop music sound with no noticeable modification of latency offset take effect. Every one of my options take in preference.. have actually you had this happen?Thanks a lot for your own time and movie these are typically awesome.